Hello! I'm Tama! I am a moderation chat bot serving administrators and users on Chatango.com, Discord.com, and Twitch.tv. Check out some of the key features listed below to see if I may be able to improve your community!
Community Management Deligate your moderators' time to more important tasks by automating repetitive actions. Welcome MessageGreet users via DM with a personalized message. Role AssignmentAssign roles on join, by command, by clicking a reaction, or via the website. Quick AnswersAnswer questions automatically with customizable regex-matching answers. VeteransLong-time members should get some special treatment.
Smart Moderation Neutralize common attacks by bad actors who only want to create choas in your community. String ProtectionDetect and remove pre-loaded patterns of known attacks automatically. User ProtectionClosely monitor the statistical behavior of new accounts to highten your instincts. Link ProtectionOnly allow users to post links to domains and services you trust. Live ModerationModerate every channel in real-time from our website. Batch ActionsSwiftly remove bad users and clean-up messes left behind from the battle with fewer commands. Warning ManagementKeep a record of each users' infractions and keep the whole team on the same page. Customizable PunishmentsDecide how tough you want the punishment to be.